Steel Structure

KTS can offer a full range of custom services; from design & engineering, detailed shop drawings, fabrication, welding, sandblasting, painting, complete field installation & quality control. KTS offers structural steel analysis and design services for steel structures and accessories. Our professional engineers collaborate with our steel detailers to develop an economical design that meets your needs and specifications. We focus on designing a safe structure without compromising your desired aesthetics and function. Erection procedure is arranged to insure the easiest and lowest risky methods parallel to costs reduction. We depend on long experienced technicians in order to achieve the outstanding finishing appearance for our executed buildings, we put more concentration on small details which are most essential in increase aesthetics and reduce future maintenance. Quality control policy is one of the unique policies in our local markets this is due our high interest to all specified procedures, implementations, materials and tests. We consider quality is one of our priorities in all steel activities; it is our common goal while carrying out project or supervises clients’ executions.