Piston Compressor

Piston Compressors

Whether oil-free or oil-lubricated: our piston compressors offer impressive performance, including with frequent load changes and continuous operation (S1 mode). These benefits are rounded off by a long service life, simple maintenance and excellent value for money.


Reliable and durable

For over a century robust BOGE piston compressors have formed the backbone of your compressed air supply – whether in the skilled trades sector or industry. What is their secret of their exceptional reliability and performance? These compressors only contain high-quality components, so minimising maintenance and permitting use at high ambient temperatures.



  1. PO Series (oil free)


  • To minimise energy use in compressed air generation, we go back to the drawing board again and again.
  • The unique design features of the PO Series meets many different requirements in the working world. Thus they provide the option of one-stage (up to 10 bar) or two-stage (up to 15 bar) compression. The remarkable diversity in the 2.2 kW to 5.5 kW performance segment is made possible by the modular design and the carry-over part approach. This allows the PO series to be individually configured – from individual units with an optional separate dryer and receiver right up to twin units.
  • The absolutely oil-free piston compressors in the new BOGE PO series allow high-quality compressed air to be used even in sensitive applications with exemplary efficiency. Particular attention was paid to low-wear operation, while the extremely compact design with the closed hood concept combines operational reliability with environmental friendliness. The PO series meets the requirements of the RoHS Directive (2002/95 /EC).* These are all hallmarks of the high IQ. INNOVATIVE QUALITY by BOGE.


  • A long service life and high performance potential



  1. K Series:


  • The K Series: compact, cost efficient, consistently oil free.


  • The innovation boost for oil free compressed air: The BOGE K series has been developed utilising the unique push rod system ensuring the absolutely efficient generation of oil free compressed air with extremely low wear and all in a compact design. The BOGE K series is the ideal solution for fluctuating compressed air demand regardless of whether used as a basic load or peak load machine in industry sectors that demand oil free air.


  • K 3 to K 15 Compressor units K 3- to K 15-

Effective free air delivery: 9 – 46 cfm.

Pressure range: 10 – 40 bar.

Rated power: 3 – 15 HP.


  • This is how compact and cost efficient oil free compressed air can be: The K series piston compressors have been developed utilising the innovative push rod principle providing absolutely oil-free compression – in an entirely new compact design. The K series has been specifically designed for the smaller compressed air user requiring 100% oil-free compressed air. And, available at an

unbeatable cost effective price/ performance ratio!

  1. Piston compressors ASO 260 to ASO 480

Compressor units BSO 260- to BSO 480

Duplex compressor packages BSO 260-…D to BSO 480-…D


  • Effective free air delivery: 156 – 367 l/min.
  • Pressure range: 8 and 10 bar.
  • Rated power: 1.5 – 3.2 kW, 2 – 4 HP.


  • Oil-free compressed air for any type of requirement: Ultimate flexibility and maximum reliability are key characteristics of these oil-free compressors. Due to their modular design the compressors can be specifically configured for the individual requirements of the customer – from variable pressures and outputs to optional components such as dual receivers or integrated membrane dryers.


  1. Compressor unit BSO 480

Compressor station BS0 480 DM


  • Effective free air delivery: 284 – 367 l/min

Pressure range: 8 and 10 bar

Rated power: 3.2 kW, 4 HP


  1. BOGE BOOSTER SRMV 390 to SRHV 470


  • Effective free air delivery: 937 – 7320 l/min

(depending on booster pressure) Maximum pressure: 15 and 40 bar Rated power: 5.5 – 18.5 kW, 7.5 – 25 HP


  • Optimized for extremely high pressures: Do you require particularly high pressures for specific applications in your compressed air network? The BOGE Booster takes pre-compressed and already treated compressed air from an existing network or a low pressure compressor and boosts it to the desired higher pressure – absolutely cost efficient!


  1. Piston compressors RM 2500 to RM 6200.

Piston compressors RH 2400 to RH 2830.


  • The ideal solution for high outputs: The RM and RH series piston compressors are designed for those applications that require higher pressure outputs. They operate reliably and efficiently and deliver up to 4,840 l/min / 220 cfm – and are so robust that you need not worry about your compressed air supply.


  1. Piston compressors SC 3 to SC 20
  • Effective free air delivery: 283 – 1913 l/min.

Maximum pressure: 10 and 15 bar.

Rated power: 2.2 – 15 kW, 3 – 20 HP.


  • Intelligent and space saving piston compressor: The TOP AIR compressor successfully combines the advantages of a piston compressor with the advanced features of a modern control and monitoring system. Intelligent monitoring controls both compressed air generation and treatment whilst at the same time ensures absolute operational efficiency.


  1. Piston compressors SR 270 to SR 2600

Compressor unit SB 270- to SB 2600-.


  • Effective free air delivery: 185 – 1913 l/min.

Maximum pressure: 10 – 35 bar.

Rated power: 1.5 – 15 kW, 2 – 20 HP.


  • For those compressed air users who require higher pressures: SR and SB series piston compressors reliably and efficiently produce pressures up to 35 bar / 515 psig. A proven compression principle guarantees totally dependable compressed air supply for those applications requiring higher pressures.


  1. Piston compressors SRD 125 and SRD 250

Compressor unit SBD 125- and SBD 250-

Duplex compressors SBD 125-…D and SBD 250-…D


  • Displacement: 125 and 250 l/min

Maximum pressure: 10 and 15 bar

Rated power: 0.75 and 1.5 kW, 1 and 2 HP


  • As flexible, as piston compressors can be: The SRD / SBD series has a large number of optional extras. You can also specify your compressor be upgraded with a horizontal air receiver or a refrigerant dryer. All components are completely pre-assembled at our factory and are supplied ready for use. As a result you receive a compressed air system especially configured to your specific application and requirements.


  1. Piston compressors SRD 350 to SRD 1000

Compressor unit SBD 350- to SBD 1000-

Compressor station SBD 350-…DB to SBD 1000-…DB



  • Effective free air delivery: 260 – 730 l/min

Maximum pressure: 10 and 15 bar

Rated power: 2.2 – 6.3 kW, 3 – 8.5 HP


  1. P-series piston compressors


  • Piston technology that sets standards: BOGE’s P-series epitomises its established expertise in the construction of piston compressors. The proven, unitary design principle prioritises quality and longevity – for both skilled trades and industry alike: thanks to the versatile modular structure, any piston compressor can be upgraded to a customised system – state-of-the-art and thus extremely future-proof!


  • Displacement: 80 and 320 l/min

Maximum pressure: 10

Rated power: 0.65 and 1.3 kW


  1. K 8 N2 & K 15 N2 BOOSTERS


  • Free air delivery (N2): 1215 & 2430 l/min (at 10 bar inlet pressure).

Drive power: 5.5 & 11 kW.

Maximum pressure: up to 32 bar.


  • Nitrogen up to 32 bar: BOGE’s K N2 BOOSTERS are just the ticket when oil-free nitrogen compression is required for manufacturing processes. The innovative reciprocating duct based on the push-rod principle works from the outset without oil whilst allowing completely maintenance-free and robust operation. BOGE has now added an inlet pressure piston to these models. This piston was specially developed for compressing nitrogen and dry gases. For example, it is now possible to compress dry gases with pressure dew points of –40°C (e.g. nitrogen) up to 32 bar.





  • Air delivery: 1160 l / min (depending on inlet pressure) .

Pressure range: 40 bar.

Driving power: 5.5 kW.

  • Oil-free at 40 bar: In all places, where production processes require absolutely oil-free compressed air and especially a high pressure, the BOGE K 8 BOOSTER is in its element. From the start the innovating push rod system functions without oil and enables at the same time an absolutely low-maintenance and low-wear operation. Everybody who wants to compress to maximum pressure in an economic and oil-free way welcomes BOGE K 8 BOOSTER as a new option!