Electrical Air Compressors Products

Make more of your compressor: The external BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system saves you real money because it can recover up to approx. 72 percent of the input energy used in compression in the form of heat. This can be utilized to supplement your heating or for pre-heating water for use in an industrial process. With a small amount of effort your compressor can be transformed into an energy saving machine: Use this energy saving license to upgrade your screw compressors now!

Compressor air treatment

Compressed air is used in a highly diverse range of industries and in a multitude of different ways. Requirements pertaining to its quality and purity vary according to the area of use. Entirely different standards apply for the textile industry than for applications in the food or medical industries, which require 100% oil-free compressed air.

Compressed air – made to measure

In light of the above, it’s essential that compressed air treatment methods are optimally adapted to their respective area of use. BOGE system components such as compressed air filters and dryers ensure that BOGE compressed air meets the prescribed quality standards of the industry in which it’s used – with optimal efficiency values.

v Receivers

The diverse tasks performed by compressed air containers place different requirements on their material components and the way they are processed. The available size from 60 to 10000 litter.

  • cyclone separators

The cyclone separators remove large amounts of condensate from the compressed air – with high and virtually constant separation efficiency

v Dryers

Compressed air dryers are essential for the production and economical treatment of compressed air for a range of applications.

v Adsorption dryers

BOGE breathing air systems remove irritants from compressed air, preparing it for use as a dependable supply of breathing air.

v Filters

With extremely low differential pressure and innovative build, BOGE filters ensure compressed air of the desired purity class.

v Activated carbon absorbers

Activated carbon absorbers remove oil vapors in a highly controlled way and help ensure an especially high quality of compressed air.

v Oil-water-separators

The ’Condensate Cleaner‘condensate treatment system gives compressor operators an easy way of treating compressed air without external assistance.

v Converters

The BOGE converter converts oil and hydrocarbons into water and CO² and is therefore able to provide a constant compressed air supply of purity class 0.

v Pressure Safe

Following stoppages, BOGE Pressure Safe guarantees that compressors begin working quickly against the defined network pressure and do not overrun compressed air treatment processes.

v AIRficient

BOGE AIRficient: An innovative piping system made of aluminum that significantly improves the quality of compressed air – can be laid quickly, is immune to corrosion and UV rays, and, because it is oil-resistant, is ideal for aggressive environments.

v High-pressure dryers

The choice of dryer is also of pivotal importance in the high-pressure range. BOGE offers a wide choice of compressed air dryers for every application.

v High-pressure filters

With their extremely low differential pressure, BOGE high-pressure filters ensure compressed air of the desired purity class in the high-pressure range.

v Sterile filters

Sterile filters guarantee 100% germ-free compressed air for sensitive areas of application, such as in the packaging or food industries.

This boost to innovation lies in the air: The turbine drive has proved its worth over several decades, and what once gave buoyancy to the aviation industry is now bringing the compressed air sector up to speed. Some design changes have been necessary. With the high energy density of their motors, compact High Speed Turbo compressors now weigh less than a third of the weight of an oil-free screw compressor. And as a world first, BOGE is raising the bar with its air-supported motor shaft – opening the door to speeds far in excess of 100,000 rpm.

Everyone who depends on a steady supply of oil-free compressed air can achieve previously inconceivable savings by using BOGE’s “High Speed Turbo“ technology. Top marks for efficiency and a drastically reduced cost of ownership are not the only benefits. The environment also gains thanks to the sustainable design principle that requires far less space and resources and effectively keeps noise in check.

There are numerous sensitive manufacturing sectors where high-quality oil-free compressed air is essential. But whether we are talking about the pharmaceutical or food processing industry, refineries or breweries, three-stage HST compressors with a standard pressure of 7.5 bar will bring a renewed impetus to every production process calling for a steady supply of compressed air. These can be used as base-load or peak-load compressors, in three power ratings from 55 – 220 kW.

  • Super-compact and whisper-quiet – the BOGE EO series enhances the oil-free segment and literally fills any gap.
  • Oil-free air is a must when it comes to sensitive work environments. This is what prompted BOGE to develop the EO series, as the low to mid-range oil-free performance segment (≤ 22 kW) did not however previously include compressors that were quiet and compact enough to be set up near the workplace. Its scroll compressors are not only extremely quiet, but also have very low vibration levels. A modular concept with 1 – 4 airend lets you match usage to demand, while offering maximum versatility – whether autonomous, used on a receiver, with an integrated or a separate refrigerant dryer or as a duplex unit.

  • The latest generation of BOGE‘s belt-driven EO compressors has all benefits on its side: Thanks to a minimum number of moving parts and first-rate ease of servicing, these absolutely oil-free scroll compressors stand out with maximum flexibility, low maintenance and outstanding efficiency.
  • Application:
  1. Medical technology: Sensitive work environments such As Doctors surgeries, Laboratories and Hospitals have relied on 100% oil-free.
  2. Dentist’s surgeries.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry.

All of BOGE’s screw compressors offer maximum reliability, highly efficient operation and extremely easy maintenance. Whether with oil-injection cooling or oil-free, frequency-controlled, belt-driven or directly coupled – these sturdy machines form the backbone of industry.

Type of screw compressor:

  • S series s-3
  • S-4 series
  • SG
  • SL
  • SO SERIES (oil free compressor).

Screw compressors – made-to-measure from 2.2 to 355 kW

S-4 screw compressor

The innovative design concept of the S-4 series hasn’t just been revamped. It also represents major progress in terms of noise insulation, ease of maintenance and power consumption.

  • “Designed to take the lead” – With the new S-4 models, the fourth generation of the popular S-series is ready for take-off.


The BOGE BLUEKAT models operate with an integrated BOGE converter. The outcome is Class 0 oil-free compressed air and water-white condensate.

Screw compressor C 15 DR

The C 15 DR comes as a compact unit ready for connection with integrated refrigerant dryer and receiver.

Screw compressor C 16 F

Excellent value for money, peak values for specific characteristics and the benefits of frequency control make the C 16 F special from the word go.

Screw compressor C 7 LDR

With the C 7 LDR, the receiver and dryer are integrated in an extremely small space. This not only ensures a small footprint, but also eliminates the need for internal piping.

Oil free screw compressor

  • Clean air from the start: BOGE oil-free screws operate at much higher speeds than oil-injected counterparts and the heat of compression is therefore dissipated differently. The special BOGE airend and the cooling concept are the centerpiece of the design. Both components have been designed to provide utmost safety and maximum efficiency – ideally suited for sensitive fields of application.


  • The safe way to generate oil-free compressed air: Design advantages of the SO series.
  • Precise engineering for clean results: The SO series is characterized by its intelligent design, innovative functional principle and high quality workmanship. Its dependable quality and high efficiency ensure safe and cost effective generation of oil-free compressed air. Air or water-cooled, fixed or variable speed options are available to suit most every site condition.
  • Oil-free compressed air with efficiency guarantee: This range economically and reliably produces oil-free compressed air. Depending on site requirements they can be air or water cooled. 16 models with 32 variants synchronize the compressed air system to meet your demands.